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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Full Week At Home

     As I look at the calender, truly believing my last week at home continuously sends chills throughout my body. Where has the time gone? the same question I frequently ask when seeing my appearance and all that I have accomplished. I know every Afser might be excited to embark on a new journey, but for me this feels like a new life awaiting. For a better expression, the feeling one gets when leaving home to attend University. With this decision I make, and the the many more to decide in the next few months; will surely have an Impact. This Impact will definitely affect the life I lead in the future, and most importantly the people I encounter and the relationships developed. Now some of you make ask What other decisions need to be made?
           Well, we already know the Netherlands will be an entire year of learning and integrating, but what about after that? That is a question that needs to be answered soon, and that answer must take time to present itself. With all these opportunities on the table, so much sparkle lightens up the choices at hand. Attending University next year in sunny California, or breathtaking Paris!, maybe even England; possibly deciding to go back to the Netherlands is among the options available. All I know is their is no better way to decide on life, then being out there experiencing it.

         Growing up in America contributed to all that is happening today, and without all                    
the wonderful teachers, family, and positive friends, this would not be possible. Without all of the challenges I've went through ranging from everything that made me sad, broke my heart, or created frustration, has paved a way for me to grow into the man I am becoming currently. I know challenges will come my way, but because of the passion and Integrity built in me; I will prevail and make the best of any situation.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Dream

              They always say dreams are dreams and their is few one could do to change that.  The fact that people often see a dream and leave it as; bothers me. During these current times I always find myself thinking... What are you doing to make yourself better? What in this world represents you? and What steps will you take to control your destiny? Being that, over the past year or so, I put my engine into gear and I can proudly say I've found my way.
               I go by the name Ray which is short for my unordinary first name Ahrayalab. However to tell the truth, I can't find anything ordinary about my life. In about 9 months I will embark on the experience of a lifetime; spending an entire year in a foreign
country of my choice. Specifically, the small beautiful country of Holland, located on the shores of the North Sea. On the other hand, this would not be possible without hard work and serious commitment in striving for success. In other words, you are reading about a 16 year old who will greatly succeed beyond his own expectations from this opportunity. Nevertheless, I am super excited to learn Dutch and finally have the chance to study and most importantly live in a new challenging environment. As a matter of fact, my whole entire plan of goals are centered around this exhilarating start to something amazing. As an illustration, I plan on going abroad my senior year of high school and gaining experience in something I love the most, which is Travel! Also having an advantage on my college application for acceptance and scholarship opportunities. In Other Words, traveling is something I plan on doing till I'm old and gray. Likewise, I want to major in International Relations which can hopefully earn me a career which explores often and maybe help kids who have similar goals.
             When in fact, I want to accomplish all these great things, and be the the best I possibly can. Life has some road blocks that I must overcome. As of now, I live in a working house and getting by is sometimes a struggle. Although, I'm finding ways to fundraise, I've had to give up a lot to reach for the top. To sponsor my AFS program, please click the Donate Now button to make a non tax-deductible contribution directly to my AFS program account thank you for reading.